Waldmeister Dual Purpose Dachshunds

Waldmeister Darby

Emem Storms Ahead x Waldmeister Annie Born 21/10/2014

This is Waldmeister Darby,  the one we kept from Waldmeister Annie's litter.  He is a busy, bold and inquisitive puppy and is already keeping the adults on their toes. He is game for anything and enjoys racing across the moor after the others. When he is picked up to save him getting too tired, he shrieks and shrieks until he is put down to race off again......... he is not as angelic as he looks ......


Here he is trying to look like butter would not melt .......




Here he is, going for a Christmas Eve walk in Etherow Country Park with his mum, the very very patient Annie!




And above, Darby is scooting across the snow with Hattie and Libby!

Below is Darby having a rough and tumble with Sam and the others ............ he has no fear at all!!!