Waldmeister Dual Purpose Dachshunds









Waldmeister Hattie


This is Waldmeister Hattie, our all German girl.  Her parents are our two imports, Nimrods Gismo at Waldmeister and Ora von den Kleinen Banditen at Waldmeister.  Hattie is the most confident, exuberant and instinctive puppy we have ever bred. She excels out on the moor, where her leg length enables her to jump, run, climb, dig, scramble through cover ......... and swim! She is developing an excellent nose and can track well already. Her pin wire coat is super shiny and ensures the mud and water just glides off - and so easy to maintain! She is in training at the moment - listening is not her forte - she prefers to follow her own ideas than listen to ours so a consistent, firm but fair approach is being applied!!!

After a slow start in the showring, Hattie is behaving beautifully and won her last few Junior classes. At the Dachshund Club 2012, Hattie won her first Post Graduate class, 1st of 8! Well done Hattie!!!

Hattie is hereditarily clear for Progressive Retinal Atrophy and is tested Clear for Lafora Disease. Hattie is also clear for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Disease)

















Hattie has an amazing temperament - she has been an absolute star playing with Missy's litter - she has allowed her grandchildren to play, chase and bite her!




Hattie (above) asleep in the caravan .......... proof that she does occasionally rest!!!

And below, snoozing in the sunshine March 2013 with Annie


Hattie and Lexi in the plant basket!

Hattie with her mum, Ora


 Hattie relaxing!

Hattie growing up July 2012 ...........

 Hattie learning to go through the tunnel at 4 months - absolute confidence!!



Gino showing Hattie and Lexi the way!!