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In Loving Memory




Millie came to us in Oct.’98 from our good friend Sue Alderson. Right away it was very obvious that Millie was blessed with an exceptional nose and a strong mind of her own. Training started in earnest the following year, and I always had her with me when I fed the young Pheasants and Partridges. Millie came into the pens with me and that developed her rock steadiness.

I often wondered if she was aware just how good her nose and instinct actually were. She lived for the beating line, but her favourite, and mine, were the solitary rough shooting days we spent in all weather on the moor.

In the beating line, Millie never hurried. She knew that the faster dogs would miss several birds. She would always find them and whoever was back gun had a great days shooting when Millie was around. At days end, Millie would guard the bag from all. She believed it was all hers, and would sit there for hours.

She was a good mum to her puppies and displayed a usually hidden, gentle side to her character during motherhood. Two of her puppies also became Champions.

Millie was a reluctant show dog. If the Judge judged with speed and was concise she enjoyed the experience. She managed to pick up several big Awards and became the only full champion bitch in April ’02. She retired from showing in May ’05 gaining Best of Breed at the Scottish Kennel Club. However the award I treasure the most is the Best Performance of the Day award at the Show Gundog Field Trial. The only Sussex Spaniel ever to have achieved that. And it was on a Partridge, which several other dogs had missed. A perfect flush and a gentle hidden retrieve almost 50 metres away. Her finest hour.

Summer ’05 and a new life started for Millie. Retirement at our daughters family home in Devon. Millie loved the lazy beach life and became in record time a very valued and much loved member of Zoey and Ollie’s family.

And so the day came, shortly before her 11th birthday, that discomfort turned into pain for Millie and we had to say goodbye to her and release her onto her new adventure.

Lots of tears; tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of frustration and tears of laughter, but always loyal and always ready for the next days shooting or mischief. That was life with Millie.

I miss her, and she will always have a very special place in my heart. Run free little golden brown demon. Thank you.

Ch.Meggamooch Gypsy at Waldmeister

5th August 1998 – 3rd August 2009




 Bruno, pictured above, sadly left us on Monday 14th December 2009.  He was a son of Ch Waldmeister Mischka and Waldmeister Jackson JW.  Bruno was owned and loved by Harriet and Robin Wright and lived a happy, active life in Buckinghamshire.  Bruno was a single puppy and he just grew, and grew and grew.  Sadly, this led to his early demise as the vet feels his untimely death was due to the size of his extra large frame placing too much strain on his heart, even though he was lean and extremely fit.

Bruno was funny, challenging, strong willed and at times, exasperating! But he was loyal, loving, incredibly active and a superb, keen hunter.  He proved a wonderful companion for Harriet and Robin's younger dog, Wolfie and they worked hard to both gain their bronze and silver Good Citizen awards. 

Bruno had a super temperament and last summer, I took all my gang to visit on our way to Windsor Show.  He was ever so gallant - allowing them all to share his toys and chase through his orchard after his ball.  That is the picture I will always treasure of Bruno - almost laughing, barking and wagging his tail furiously, waiting for one of us to throw the ball so he could race around and get it before any of the others. 

Happy hunting Bruno, I am sure the angels will love your energy and your happy, wagging attitude.

Waldmeister Bruno

15th April 2007 - 14th December 2009




"They say you can't take it with you but they are wrong because as of this morning, something big has gone"

Where do you begin to describe life with Gino? Far more than just a dog, Gino was a loyal friend, a brave hunter, a gentle pack leader and a wonderful role model for dogs and humans alike. He was always there, full of sunshine, wagging his tail and looking forward to life. Right to the end, he was fearless, up-beat and eager to please.

Gino joined us at 10 months old and we will be forever grateful to his breeders Claas and Bettina Janssen, for allowing us to share our lives with such a wonderful gentleman. He enabled us to establish our dual purpose kennel and has left us a wonderful legacy through his children, who inherited his sunny disposition and zest for life.

Gino was the most instinctive and intelligent dog, he lived to work on the moor, fearless and determined. Hunting came first with him, before food, before comfort - his instinct compelled him to hunt. He was a kind soul, always sensing the moods of others and being sensitive and courteous in his behaviour. He was our pack peace maker, a doctor dog, a terrific hunter and a teacher. Above all, he was a true fee spirit - living his life his way and enjoying every minute of it.

He stands proud of his achievements and he made us proud owners:

Supreme Champion Teckel at the Teckel Show 2002

74 Foxes successfully worked

Uncountable rats and other vermin

100 points (maximum marks) in his Spurlautpruefung

We will always miss you Gino, thank you for the joy you brought into our lives. They broke the mould .........

Nimrods Gismo at Waldmeister

7th February 2001 - 25th July 2012




Meadow was the sunniest, most easy going dog. She made her mark in the showring at 6 months and three days, winning her first CC and Best Puppy. Meadow loved the showring, always giving her best and strutting round as though she owned the place, wagging her tail and showing off, culminating in our finest achievement, Best of Breed at Crufts in 2006.

Meadow also loved being out on the moor, she was one of the best flushing dogs we have ever owned, her nose was excellent. She was a lovely member of the pack, never growling or challenging anyone. We were privileged to have bred and owned her. Her daughter Libby inherited her wonderful temperament and she continues to be a lovely, balanced member of our pack. This year Libby lost both her dad (Gino) and her mum (Meadow).

We hope you are at peace Meadow, and in a better place than here ............

3rd November 2001 - 23rd December 2012