Waldmeister Dual Purpose Dachshunds









Champion Waldmeister Meadow

3/11/2001 - 23/12/2012

This is Meadow and Gino with their grand-daughter, Guillie.  All three have lovely pin wire coats, with harsh hair all the way down to their toes!  All three also have incredibly thick, dense undercoats, so important for protection in the thick undergrowth and the harsh weather.

This is Meadow enjoying the sun and playing with her 2 puppies.  Meadow isn't the most fervent mother when the puppies are young, but really enjoys them when they can run about.  Meadow has grown into an exceptional tracking and flushing dog and is often used in the beating line on local shoots.


This is Meadow at 12 weeks when we we were deciding whether to keep her - we are so glad we did!