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Waldmeister News

The Waldmeister team are now located in Plusquellec, Brittany, France! We look forward to showing our dogs in Europe and connecting with all our European friends! Our idyllic location is an absolute joy and the dogs are really loving the space and freedom they have!


Waldmeister Jonah made his debut at West Riding Dachshund Association on Saturday 17th March 2018 and exceeded all our expectations by behaving impeccably and being awarded Best Puppy in Show! Our granddaughter Matilda also came to her first dog show and had fun handling Waldmeister Annie JW! What a fab day!!!


It is hard to believe Jonah is almost 6 months old ....... still as naughty as ever, refuses to be groomed ..... we managed to get the 2 pictures below because he was shattered after 90 minutes free running on the local moor!

Lots has happened this Autumn ..... Aldo is now a Champion, Missy and Aldo's babies have gone to their new homes and we are running on a promising boy from the litter, Jonah.

Here are some pictures of the puppies in their new homes and some glamour shots of Jonah behaving for a change!!

Also a lovely picture of another litter member, Fungus! Thank you Chris and Lesley for supplying the pics!

Above is Jonah - Below is Fungus

And here is Bracken with her new kennelmates


And her is little Kate in London with her new family!


Missy's puppies have arrived! - 29th August 2017 .......... and proud Dad, Aldo, has gained his Junior Warrant!

Missy is proving to be an excellent mum - happy to lie with them but not over fussy!



Above is a lovely pictureof Thibaut - Missy's brother from his recent holiday in Wales - thanks to Suzanne and Marcus for giving him such a lovely life! They have now added little Flori to their family, from Hattie's recent litter and she is bossing poor Thiibaut, who was the Crown Prince before her arrival!


A rare sight - the 3 generations all asleep in one bed ...... usually Ora grabs it and will not let the others in! Ora is our German import, age 10, Hattie is her daughter age 5 and Missy is Hattie's daughter, age 2 .... like peas in a pod!!


Here is Waldmeister Aldo - the new kid on the block, a son of Waldmeister Annie JW and CH Bothlyn Brigadoon. Aldo has already gained a Reserve Best Puppy in Show, 2 Best Puppy in Breed at Championship Shows and Best Puppy in Show at the Great Joint Dachshund Show 2016. Continuing his winning ways. Aldo was awarded the Reserve CC and Best Puppy in Breed at the Dachshund Club Championship Show on 19th November 2016!!! Not to be outdone, his mum Waldmeister Annie JW, was awarded Reserve Best in Show at Hyde Canine Association on 20th November 2016! What a great weekend!!! Aldo was Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best Puppy in Show at West Riding Dachshund Show on 26th November .................. what a star puppy!!! At the Miniature Dachshund Club Championship Show in February 2017, Aldo was awarded the CC and Best Puppy!




Lafora Testing

We continue to run lafora testing sessions. Watch the Wire Haired Dachshund Club web site for more news


Waldmeister Annie JW is awarded the bitch CC at Paignton 2015!!!


Introducing Waldmeister Miss Nordwind


"Missy" is our new addition. A daughter of Sam and Hattie, she is a busy, inquisitive, little girl




Tracking at Welsh Kennel Club!

We had a brilliant Tracking Day at Welsh Kennel Club 2014 - more pictures and news on our Working Teckels site www.workingteckels.co.uk Here is Annie after successfully negotiating a difficult track and finding the rabbit at the end! Well done Annie!!!!!

Our Tracking Days for 2015 are planned and the dates we have so far are:

Wednesday 22nd April at Three Counties Showground Malvern

Wednesday 3rd June at Three Counties Showground Malvern

Thursday 9th July at Three Counties Showground Malvern

Wednesday 18th August at the Royal Welsh Showground Builth Wells

All the days will run from 11.00am





The Waldmeister kennel had a BRILLIANT CRUFTS 2014. Sam was Best of Breed, Waldmeister Rova to You Emem was 1st in Post Graduate Dog and Waldmeister Annie was 1st in Junior Bitch and gained the final 3 points for her Junior Warrant! What a fantastic achievement - thanks to all those who sent us good wishes and big thanks to Nora Price, the breed specialist judge!




We held one of our Tracking Days on Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at Three Counties Showground and another on July 12th. We were joined by other enthusiasts. Here are some pictures of the dogs (and the owners!) doing their stuff!

The next Tracking Day will be held on Wednesday 13th August at The Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells- details are here.

Above, all having a well deserved rest and some lunch in the shade - away from the July heat!



Brittle Bone Disease ot Osteogenesis Imperfecta

As this disease has some incidence in Germany, we decided to have all our German and German bred stock tested. We are pleased to say they are all Clear! Here are certificates for:

Waldmeister Hattie

Waldmeister Samuel JW

Ora von den kleinen Banditen at Waldmeister



There was a very informative seminar at the Tickled Trout in Preston this month. A vet (Anthony Dennison) from Myerscough Veterinary Practice, delivered a presentation about Lafora Disease. It focused on the management of symptoms and gave an extremely good overview of the way the body of a dog Affected with Lafora cannot break down carbohydrates. This results in them being stored as crystals within the nerve cells, which prevents the cells from doing their jobs properly, particularly in the brain, hence the external symptoms.

He confirmed that dogs diagnosed as Affected, will develop symptoms at some stage - the disease is present from birth - it just builds up slowly.

He was very clear that in his professional opinion, Affected animals should not be bred from for a number of reasons, including: Just becase outward signs may not be visible, there is still a lot wrong on the inside and the changes brough on by pregnancy, including hormone levels and additional stress, give the central nervous system more to cope with, which could unnecessarily speed up the progression of the disease.

Lafora speeds up the ageing process due to the cells not being able to function and renew properly - again, the less stress the better.

There was also a presentation from a nutroceutical company, which was interesting, about products that can help with cell repair and anti-ageing, aimed at dogs with Lafora or other diseases.

So PLEASE, if you are considering buying a miniature wire haired dachshund puppy - MAKE SURE its parents have been tested. All those who have been tested WILL have certificates and their results are posted here. If you are unsure about test results and what they mean, please email or ring us to have a chat.


The dogs are having a great time with some new mini agility equipment, to keep their brains working and drain some energy!


Here they are enjoying themselves on a Cumbrian beach

And below is Denzel getting to know a Jelly-fish ..........


Sue donned her finery and judged Standard Wire and Standard Smooth Dachshunds at the City of Birmingham Championship Show in August 2013


The dogs had a brilliant time practising their tracking skills whilst we caravanned at Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show in August 2013. Here are some pictures of them doing what they do best!

Below is Annie successfully going through the tunnel

Here is Hattie enjoying a splash in the sea on the Welsh Coast



We go up to the moor daily to let the dogs have a good run off the lead and to watch them following scent and having fun. Here are some pictures of Annie out and about having fun with Bernd and the others! She came back wet, smelly and dirty - but tired and happy!





Annie went to her first show on Sunday 3rd May at the Northern Dachshund Association and she qualified for Crufts 2014! Annie showed really well and wagged her tail all the way! Well done Annie! Here she is groomed ready for her debut!

Since then, Annie gained Best Puppy in Breed at Scottish Kennel Club and Three Counties Show. At Northwich Open Show on Sunday 16th June 2013, Annie was awarded Best of Breed, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2!

At Midland Dachshund Open Show Annie was awarded Best of Breed and Best Puppy (see all the rosettes above!) And at Leeds Championship Show Annie won Minor Puppy Bitch and was awarded Best Puppy in Breed.

Here she is posing at Three Counties!

Annie and Hattie had a successful day at the Cheshire Show on June 18th, with Annie being awarded Best of Breed and Best Puppy and Hattie winning Reserve Best of Breed (expertly handled by Charles Lewis Crookes). Well done girls!



Here are Sam and Denzel dancing about and wrestling in the spring sunshine - the boys get on really well together and rarely have a cross word.



On a cold and windy March day, Libby, at over 9 years of age, showed the youngsters how to track, find a fox hole, and negotiate it successfully. Here are some pictures - Annie at 4 months old was totally fearless and showed herself to be a natural earth dog, you can just see her disappearing into the hole as Libby emerges.





At Crufts 2013, Waldmeister had a fantastic day under breed specialist judge Judy Squires (Wirehall). Sam was 2nd in Limit Dog, only beaten by the dog CC winner, 3rd place went to a son of our Champion Henry and 4th place went to Waldmeister Charlie Brown.

Denzel beat 9 Champions and International Champions to win Open Dog and gain the Reserve CC!!!!! Waldmeister Maud at Rigadac won Post Graduate Bitch and our Waldmeister Hattie was 2nd. Another Champion Henry daughter won Limit Bitch, the biggest class of the day!!

Click here to see pictures of the dogs meeting their public at Discover Dogs Crufts 2013



New Arrival ...........

Ora had a litter of 5 puppies on the 3rd November 2012. The sire is Champion Deepdax Overdraft Too Far Emem. All the puppies are hereditarily clear for Lafora Disease and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Here is the girl we are keeping, Waldmeister Annie. Click here to see pictures of Annie's big day out!


Annie loves going on the moor with the others and keeps right up with them, thrashing her way through water, mud and cover! She scrambles up walls and then wonders how to get down again .......




Here are Waldmeister Stretch and Twiglet, freshly bathed and groomed - can't you tell their owner is a professional Groomer!




Here is Annie's brother settling into his new home with cuddles from his owners grandchildren




Denzel had a very exciting day on the moor on Thursday 20th December 2012. It was a cold, misty, wet day and he was batting along close to the fence, sniffing out the long grass, nose to the ground when all of a sudden we heard a loud splash and then silence ............... he had mistaken a deep water hole for a puddle and ran straight into it ...... and sunk to the bottom. At first we laughed ......... and then panicked as he did not emerge. After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, he heaved himself out coughing and spluttering whilst we fell about laughing hysterically. Denzel maintains that he knew it was there all along and he just wanted to scare us ............


Above, all the dogs are snuggled up for an afternoon snooze on December 22nd 2012 ................. 7 in the bed and the little one said ........


Tracking and Tunnel Training

We bought a new portable tunnel so that whilst we are out and about caravanning, we can continue our tracking and tunnel training with the dogs. We introduced them to it and laid a track in the garden with two turns and through the curved tunnel - they did brilliantly, following their noses all the way and being rewarded with a piece of lamb hidden at the end!

You can follow our Tracking progress here