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Current and Forthcoming Litters


Waldmeister Miss Nordwind (Missy) x Waldmeister Aldo

Born 29th August 2017


And as promised - here are the new arrivals. 2 dogs and 2 bitches. Missy made a meal of it! She kept us up all night on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August and was digging on and off all day on Tuesday 29th. At 3pm on Tuesday she produced a water bag and, despite her best pushes, could not manage to get the puppy out. A reluctant call to the vet, confirmed our fears that she needed help and we made an appointment for 6pm. At 5.50pm we took her into the garden for a quick wee before heading off to the vet. To my amazement, she squatted down and started to push the puppy out onto the grass!!! It was coming back end first and was stuck like a cork in a bottle! I helped her by gently pulling as she pushed ................. she screamed like a banshee and the whole neighbourhood must have thought we were torturing her!!! She then settled back upstairs with her newly born daughter, where she produced a dog about 45 minutes later, followed by a bitch and lastly, another dog. We were all done by 9pm. Despite this she managed a hearty breakfast, a small lunch and her evening meal between the first and second puppies being born!!!

Missy with 1 week to go!

Just born .... proud mum!


And below ....... 4 days old and getting fatter!!!







16 days old (below), eyes open and trying to totter about!!!

2 girls above

2 boys below

22 days old below

25 days and out in the kennel for the first time ...... exciting!