Waldmeister Dual Purpose Dachshunds









Sussex Spaniels 

Although we no longer breed Sussex Spaniels, we are very proud of our achievements.  All our Sussex are working dogs.  Millie (CH Meggamocch Gypsy at Waldmeister) is a Full Champion Sussex Spaniel and the second Sussex bitch ever to become a Full Champion.  Her daughter, Waldmeister Martell (Abbie) is a Show Champion and regularly works in the beating line on our local shoots.


The Sussex are fascinated by the pheasant chicks that we rear in the aviary.  They are glued to the wire, hoping against hope that they will come closer!  This whets their appetite and when they go beating, they are determined to find and bring back the birds that have tormented them for so long.


Abbie in the snow on the moor - Sussex love the snow - the colder the better!






This is Abbie on the glorious 12th, happy to be back out hunting after the summer break!



Millie, Abbie and Vinnie - a family snapshot for the album!